Healthy Slogan Services

Everyone's schedule, budget, fitness level and nutrition needs are different. At Healthy Slogan, my desire in creating these services is that you are able to choose what works best for your needs.

How does it work?

Seeing a dietitian nutritionist for the first time may seem intimidating. So what should you expect?


Well, I can certainly tell you that I won't just be handing you a meal plan and letting you figure out the rest! I want to work alongside you to help you accomplish your nutrition and fitness goals not just as a nutrition professional, but also as an accountability partner!

To apply for 1-on-1 coaching, you will fill out a free application form answering some general nutrition/healthy lifestyle questions as well as contact information.  so that I can get an idea for what your current lifestyle is like! I will send you my Zoom link so we can have easy communication! You can access the form by clicking here.


During the initial session, I will be getting to know you better so I can help you form your main healthy goals. These goals can be a variety of things, as I do not adhere to one nutrition plan or philosophy. I truly believe that everyone is different. While there are some generally recognized healthy habits to have, there is not a one-size-fits-all approach. My intention for this session is not to overwhelm you, but to understand your day-to-day and learn as much as I can to help you. At this session, we will together come up with a PERFECT plan that will solve your deepest struggles with getting healthy/seeing physical progress FOR GOOD.


At our follow-up session, we will revisit the goals we made and figure out if we need to adjust anything! We also talk about any "ups and downs" in your life that may impact your goals and what is going to be sustainable for you long-term.

As a nutrition expert, you can trust in my ability to find what will work best for you! 

One Month Intensive

Want to break through your plateau and learn everything you need to to see fat loss? The one-month intensive would be PERFECT for you!

What's Included? (Value of $697 a month)

  • Personalized nutrition guide via PDF to start off the program (meal prep for 4 weeks is available to you if desired)

  • Customized macro calculations for you to know exactly how many calories you need to see progress

  • Client Folder with all goal sheets/check-in sheets/pertinent information

  • 4 weekly coaching calls focused on adjusting goals, nutrition education, progressing fitness plans, and

  • Full access to "Trainerize" personal training applicaltion with built-in calendars and customized workouts for 1 month

  • A coach who CARES FOR YOU as an on-demand help with nutrition/fitness

Price: $397

E-mail Sarah Logan to schedule a free 15 minute phone call if you have questions at