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Client Contract : Terms and Conditions

I hereby affirm that I am voluntarily entering into a contract with Healthy Slogan LLC (the Company) on the date entered below for online training services outlined in the Terms and Conditions below.

Terms and Conditions. The parties agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. The client agrees to a 4 Month Minimum Requirement for all coaching services. 

  2. The Company will provide a custom nutrition guide, supplementation recommendations, and exercise guidance at the start of the contract and will make adjustments as needed based on goals and feedback from the Client.

  3. The Client will have access to the Company's cell phone for communication during the paid months.  

  4. The Company will respond within 24 hours to a Client message via text or email during any and all paid months. 

  5. The Company will respond to weekly check-ins, as long as the appropriate information is provided by the Client in a timely manner.  These responses can be expected within 24 hours. 

  6. The Company will perform a weekly 15 minute check-in phone call with the Client as the scheduled time (unless the Client declines the call that week or there is an unforeseen Company emergency, in which case the other party will be notified prior to the scheduled call). 

  7. The Client will provide the Company with a weekly check-in via email (or another platform if agreed upon) including the details outlined in the starting email. 

  8. The Client agrees to communicate any questions, issues, discomforts, concerns, or anything of the like in a timely manner to the Company during this contract. 

  9. The Client will pay the specified monthly dues based upon the package chosen.  The first payment must be completed on or before the training start date and each future monthly payment will be completed on that same date each month for the remaining months of the chosen contract. Failure to pay will warrant termination of premium training services until payment is fulfilled. 

  10. If any amount of contract payment is outstanding, the Company has the right to  involve a collections agency to collect outstanding dues. 

  11. If the Client becomes physically unable to participate in a fitness program, they can provide the Company with a legitimate doctor's note and pause this training contract until cleared by their doctor to resume the fitness program.  

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